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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the minimum system requirements for Animator?

A. The minimum system requirements for Animator are:

CPU PII 500 or better.
Windows 98/2000/XP,
Recommended full screen resolution:

Resolution CPU
640x480 P500  or better
800x600  P1200 or better
1024x768  P2000 or better

Q. What is the difference between the Freeware version and Pro version of Animator?

A. Version Pro has twice as much blurring algorithms, more drawing algorithms, and 10 color themes against 4 in the regular version:

Animator classic
Black and White
Half Colored
Medium Colors
High Colors
Acid *
Acid **

Animator Pro has a solid graphic engine behind it and, in summary, I can say that the version Pro is much more powerful and diversified. However, the basic version of Animator is a good example of Animator's features. Animator Pro is a highly expanded and improved version of the basic plug-in. If you like Animator - you will have more fun with the advanced version.

Q.How to download and install version Pro?
A.To download and install Animator Pro you should complete 3 easy steps:

1. Register. The registration fee is usually $29.96 $19.92. After registration you will receive an e-mail containing your user name and registration code required for version Pro installation.
2. Download version Pro (click here to download it now).
3. Launch the downloaded file, enter your user name and registration code you received in the e-mail. Proceed with the registration process.

Once registered, you can use the same registration code for Winamp and Media Player versions of Animator. Your registration code will be valid for all subsequent minor updates of Animator plug-in.

Q. How do I get my serial number?

A. After complete registration you will receive an e-mail containing your user name and registration code required for version Pro installation.

Q. How to use installed plug-in?
A. - Winamp3 users:

Right click mouse on the Winamp main window - choose "Windows/Animator 2" - it will launch Animator 2 window. Start the music. Enjoy.
Another way to open Animator window is Winamp's "Thinger". Just click on the Animator's icon in "Thinger". You can open "Thinger" from the Winamp's main menu.

Right click mouse on Animator 2 window - it will open Animator menu. Click on the "Help" for more information about keyboard shortcuts. Use this menu to change the full screen resolution and color themes.

Use buttons on the bottom of Animator window.

See Winamp's FAQ for more information about Winamp's features.

- Media Player users:

Select "Now Playing" in the left toolbar. Go to the main menu, choose "View/Visualizations/Animator2/Show". Start the music. Enjoy.

Use Alt+Enter to enter to the full screen mode. There, click F1 for more information about keyboard shortcuts.

In the windowed mode use player's main menu to access the Animator configuration: "Main menu/Tools/Options" and in "Options" Window choose: "Plug-ins/Visualization/ Animator2" and press "Properties" button. Now you can change full screen resolution and color theme.

Q. What do I have to do if I forgot or lost my registration code?

A. If you forgot or lost your registration code please click here.

Q. How to uninstall Animator plug-in?

A. - Media Player users:
Open Media player's Main menu, go to "TOOLS/PLUG-INS/OPTIONS", choose "VISUALIZATION" on the "Plug-ins" tab (from the left list), then select "Animator" (from the right list), and click button "REMOVE" on the bottom.
- Winamp3 users:
Go to Winamp installation folder and open WACS subfolder.
If you had installed Winamp3 to it's default location, the folder is "C:\Program Files\Winamp3\Wacs".
Remove Animator2.wac file.

Q. Installation problem

A. If you are getting message like "Cannot copy file..." you have to repeat download (you don't need to buy it again, just go to download section of our website and repeat download. Download page is here: http://vis.glass3d.com/content/download_pro.htm). This error is usually caused by Internet connection problems.

If you see "Invalid Serial Number" message please read the following information:
- Your registration name is case-sensitive, so you have to enter it exactly like in registration e-mail.
- When you enter the registration code there is no letter "O" but there is number "0 (zero)" instead. The good idea is not to type your name and serial number (serial number and registration number are the same) but just USE COPY/PASTE instead. Please make sure that there are no SPACE symbols in the serial number field when you are typing or copying it.

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