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Media Player Do you like music?
Enjoy excellent
visualization effects!
Winamp Player New visualization plug-in for
Winamp and Media Player

Animator Pro 3.1
is 33% off now!

Melody Animator

Melody Animator at your service. Stand-alone visualization plug-in. If you understand the difference between screen saver that works simultaneously with the music and real visualization - you will love Animator.

Our technology reaches unprecedented levels of interaction between music and picture. You'll be surprised how diversified the video sequence can be, if it's controlled by music itself.

We offer two versions of Animator plug-in. Freeware version is basic tryout version of the plug-in. You can download and install this version without registration. Animator Pro is much more powerful and diversified. It has twice as much blurring algorithms, more drawing algorithms and 10 color themes against 4 in the regular version. Registration is required!

Buy Animator Pro:

Read our FAQ to learn more about Animator Pro.

Free version of Animator:

Read our FAQ to learn more about Animator

Animator 3.1 for Winamp 5&2
 is available for download!
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More plug-ins

Flashes         New!!! (Click here to download)

Flashes is visualization plug-in from Glass3D team for Media Player. It is highly colored and very beautiful plug-in, which looks like sequence of flashes or colored rain on a glass window. It is very "light" for the CPU and has low hardware requirements. However, synchronized graphics leave you mesmerized.


Spangles is another visualization plug-in from Glass3D team for Winamp and Media Player. It is a very simple but a beautiful visualization with four fixed patterns. It beats with music and a must have for your collection! Required Open GL hardware support.

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